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Are You Using Pure Vanilla?

When buying vanilla extract, make sure it is “PURE”. More than 95% of all vanilla used in products is synthetic. The two most common sources for synthetic vanilla have been Lignin Vanillin, a by-product of the paper industry, which has been chemically treated to resemble the taste of pure vanilla extract, and Ethyl Vanillin, which is a coal-tar derivative. Pure Vanilla has over 200 healthy elemental chemicals that give it its taste and smell. Why would anyone want to use imitation vanilla filled with synthetic additives! Bean In The Bottle Vanilla offers premium quality Organic Vanilla products and it is our desire to support the vanilla farmers in developing countries with our practice of Social Responsibility. The use of imitation vanilla is devastating to the vanilla farmers! We as consumers can support the farmers and their families by always using PURE VANILLA products.

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